eCommerce Growth Results

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21.42x ROAS on Facebook Ads

$7,477,384.26 revenue generated on $349,024.61 Facebook Ad Spend, in first 10 months. 21.42x Return on Ad Spend.

3x Conversion Rate

Cut page load time by 66%, or a full 6 seconds, and tripled conversion rate from 1.30% to 4.27%.

Rapid Revenue Growth

Immediately after site optimization, scaled revenue from Facebook Ads to six figures per month. 44x revenue and 6.76x conversion rate growth, year over year.

262% increase in Leads

262% increase in Leads, with 45% increase in Conversion Rate, year over year, by optimizing site load time, analytics and executing an extremely effective, conversion optimized Facebook Ads campaign.

Low Cost Per Acquisition

In first month, acquired nearly 1,000 new customers at a $36 CPA, with over $223k in revenue at a 6.12x Return on Facebook Ad Spend.

3x Faster Page Load Time

Page Load Time is the most important foundational element in conversion rate. Cut Page Load Time by 68%, over 16 seconds saved.